Projet de m├ęthanation en Italie (Troia) 

Italian demonstration site at Troia

The Italian demonstration site will be realized at Troia, a municipality in the region of Puglia.
In this region high PV production capacities are available representing the South European RES situation.
The innovative concept at this demo site consists of

  • capturing of CO2 from ambient air modular micro-reactor based methanation concept a “small-scale” liquefaction
  • to supply LNG to a dedicated cryogenic tank an optimized energy management able to follow a proper
  • set of business and strategic objectives

The plant will exploit the hydrogen produced by the electrolyser inherited from the INGRID Project
(, connected to the MV power grid and able to be controlled with
the aim to provide balancing services. So the plant will implement a small scale (200kW) PtG solution
to convert and move surplus of renewable electricity from power grid to LNG distribution network.